What does a letter of acknowledgement mean?

Holders of foreign documents that show formal education in a specific constructional occupation, combined with at least two years work experience in the same profession, can apply for a Letter of Acknowledgement.

Equal to a Swedish professional certificate

A letter of acknowledgement is equivalent to a Swedish professional certificate. That means that your formal education and work experience must be on the same level as the Swedish professional certificate. For construction professions we require a formal education of at least 500 hours and for a machine operator at least 200 hours. This must be stated in the certificate. You must also have worked as said profession for a minimum of two years during the past 10 years.

Required documents

Please note that all documents submitted to the application must be in Swedish (Norwegian or Danish) or English. Otherwise, they must be translated by an authorized translator before submitting. Examples of documents that prove that you do have the correct education is a trade certificate, education certificate, certificates from upper secondary school, adult education journeyman or/and a master craftsman’s diploma.

For those who do not have a formal education

If you don’t have a formal education and/or documentation, but still want to have your skills assessed, you must turn to BYN in your region. They can redirect you to an organization, where you through a validation process can show your skills, both theoretically and practically. The cost of the validation may vary and is not paid by BYN; you must pay for it yourself. Read more about validation.

Issuing a certificate

If your application is approved by our profession’s advisor, you will get a letter of acknowledgement in paper form and as a plastic card. It will be sent to you by our printing office.

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