What does a letter of acknowledgement mean?

A letter of acknowledgement is equivalent to a Swedish professional license. You can apply for a letter of Acknowledgement if you have a foreign education and can prove this with a professional licens, education certificate or educational qualifications. You are also required to prove a minimum of two years work experience within the profession. 

Required documents

Please note that all documents submitted to the application must be submitted in it orginal language as well as translated to Swedish or English. Examples of documents that prove that you do have the correct education is a trade certificate, education certificate, certificates from upper secondary school, adult education journeyman or/and a master craftsman’s diploma. Course plans or documents that form the basis of the education can speed up the processing. The work experience must be proven in the form of a work certificate, employer’s certificate, service certificate or employment contract together with salary specifications.


If your application is approved, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement in the form of a plastic card and a document (diploma).
BYN’s printing office sends this out within two weeks of approval.

If the application is rejected

If you lack formal training and/or documentation but wish to have your professional skills valued, you can go thru a validation where you will demonstrate your practical and theoretical knowledge. Cost and time for a validation vary depending on the profession, contact  your BYN region for more information. Read more about validation.


Please contact BYNs kansli at erkannande@byn.se