What does validation mean?

Validation is a collective name for different methods of assessing what a person can do in an area.

For BYN, validation is a good tool for accessing what a person can do in a profession or area of knowledge, regardless of how he or she acquired the competence. It does not matter if it was obtained through education, as an apprentice or otherwise. The important thing is that the person has the skills required in the professional role.


In the construction industry, there is a model for validating competence for the industry’s professional roles, e.g., woodworkers, masons, tilers, concrete workers, machine operators.
Through questions and practical exercises that are developed for a particular profession, the person can show their competence against the requirements of the industry. A validation takes between 3-5 days depending on the profession. It is carried out by an approved validation provider where a test leader instructs, reviews, supports and monitors each validation.


After the validation, you receive an industry-approved certificate that shows what skills you have in the professional role. If you meet all the requirements, you can directly apply for employment at a company.
A validation often shows areas where you need to supplement your competence. This will be included in the certificate. Supplements can be made through theoretical training or practical work at a company. The test leader will help you with what is the next step after the validation. Where you can get supplementary education, which BYN-region you should turn to, to get a professional certificate, etc.


A validation can also be good to carry out before an education. By showing what you can do and getting it documented through a validation certificate, you can shorten the education, so you only need training in the areas that you lack or need to supplement. Validation saves both time and money and provides a faster way to start working.


On BYN’s website for validation (in swedish), you can read more about validation and find an approved validation provider for your profession.