Apply for a Letter of Acknowledgement

The application fee

The application fee for a Letter of Acknowledgement is 5 500 SEK (tax included) is binding and the fee must be payed in advanced. Check that all requirements for obtaining a Letter of Acknowledgement are met and that all required documents are included with the application.
Please note that no refund will be made if the application is rejected.

Before processing

The following documents must be attached to the application.

  • Applications form
    Filled out and signed. You can download the form to your computer and complete the form before printing it. Application form.
  • A copy of the original document (professional certificate/license)
    In order for BYN to be able to assess your vocational training, it must be documented with at least 200 hours for mechanical trades or 500 hours for construction trades. Course plans or documents that form the basis of the education certificate speed up the processing.
  • Copies of proven experience in the profession (employers attest)
    In order for BYN to be able to assess your work experience, it must be documented with at least two years in the last ten years in the profession for which you are applying for a Letter of Acknowledgement.


  • Send copies only! No documents are returned.
  • All documents in original language.
  • Translation of all documents into Swedish or English by an authorized translator.

Send your application to:

Byggbranschens yrkesnämnd
Box 42136
126 15 Stockholm

Or in PDF-format to

Processing time

Estimated processing time is up to 1 month.
The processing time does not begin until the application is complete.
Decisions are communicated via e-mail.