Information for mobile crane operators

As part of the process to receive a Letter of Acknowledgement for mobile crane operators all applicants need to pass a safety control test. This is to demonstrate their knowledge in basic safety and how to operate a mobile crane. The safety control test will be done by an authorized education company. The cost for this test is 22 500 SEK, tax not included. BYNs administration fee of 5 500 SEK, tax not included, for issuing the letter of acknowledgement is not included in that sum.

Longer processing time

Please note that applications for mobile crane operators may have a longer processing time due to the required safety control test.

The 6-month dispensation for machine operators is no longer an option

BYNs board decided to no longer issue the 6-moths temporary dispensation for machine operators. The Decision started to apply 2019-06-18. We now refer everyone to our permanent letter of acknowledgement or to do a validation of theoretical and practical skills by one of our approved validations companies.